Ongoing projects

With Marcel Raab (University of Mannheim). In preparation for the SAGE’s Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences (QASS)

With Raffaella Piccarreta (Bocconi University, Milan)

With Zachary van Winkle (University of Oxford), Christiaan Monden (University of Oxford), Johannes Giesecke (Humboldt-Universität zu …

With Hannah Zagel (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

With the research group “Lone parenthood, vulnerability, and resources” at NCCR-LIVES “Overcoming vulnerability. A …


Sequence analysis in the social sciences: An introduction

Gender inequalities in education and in the labor market

Sequence analysis in the social sciences: basics and advances

The Working Poor in Europe: Individual and Family Dynamics


From “Relazione del Ministro della salute sulla attuazione della legge contenente norme per la tutela sociale della maternità e …